Cairncross Promotions presents at
The Tylney Ballroom
14th April 2019
Cairncross/Follett Awards Day
DPA Points awarded today for DPA Charts.
NL = National League
SL=Super League Junior Ballroom and Juvenile Latin.
SL=Super National League-Senior 2 Latin and Senior 3 Ballroom.
Trophy for “The Most Dedicated Ballroom Gentleman” competition.
Winner to receive returnable Trophy and 1 litre bottle of whisky.

Stars of the Future heats
Tylney Ballroom, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Guildford Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 9BL
(M25 Junction 9, 1 ½ miles to Centre). Large Free Car Park.
Doors open 10.00am - 7.00pm
Juvenile/Juniors Section - From 10.30am
1 Open Juvenile Beginners W   13 Open Junior Beginners W
2 Open Juvenile Novice W,Q   14 Open Junior Novice W.Q
NL 3 Open Juvenile All Girls W.T.Q NL 15 Open Junior All Girls W.T.Q
4 Open Juvenile 2 dance T.Q   16 Open Junior 2 Dance T.Q
NL 5 Under 10's W.T NL 17 Under 14's W.T
NL 6 Open Juvenile 4 dance W.T.F.Q SL 18 Open Junior 5 dance W.T.F.Q.VW
7 Open Juvenile Beginners C   19 Open Junior Beginners C
8 Open Juvenile Novice C.J   20 Open Junior Novice C.J
NL 9 Open Juvenile All Girls C.R.J NL 21 Open Junior All Girls C.R.J
10 Open Juvenile 2 dance R.J   22 Open Junior 2 Dance R.J
NL 11 Under 10's C.S NL 23 Under 14's C.S
SL 12 Open Juvenile 4 dance latin C.S.R.J NL 24 Junior 5 dance C.S.R.P.J
Solo Events
Entries restricted to dancers not entering couples events.
25 U/10's Solo (W,Q) 31 U/14's Solo (W,Q)
26 U/12's Solo (W,F) 32 U/16's Solo (W,F)
27 Open Juvenille Solo (W,T) 33 Open Junior Solo (W,T)
28 U/10's Solo (C, J) 34 U/14's Solo (C, J)
29 U/12's Solo (C, S) 35 U/16's Solo (C, S)
30 Open Juvenille Solo (R, S) 36 Open Junior Solo (R, S)
Adult Phase 1 (Latin) - At midday
NL 1 Under 35's Beginners C.J NL 2 Over 35's Beginners C.J
NL 3 Under 35's Novice C.J NL 4 Over 35's Novice C.J
NL 5 Under 35's Intermediate C,S,R,J NL 6 Over 35's Intermediate C,S,R,J
NL 7 Under 35's Pre-Champ C.S.R.J NL 8 Over 35's Pre-Champ C.S.R.J
SL 9 Senior 2 C.S.R.P.J NL 10 Senior 1 C.S.R.P.J
NL 11 Open Amateur C.S.R.P.J   12 Open Jive
  13 Under 35's Rumba New for 2018 14 Over 35's Rumba New for 2018
Adult Phase 2 (Ballroom) - From 1.30pm
  15 Over 50s Senior Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q   16 Over 35's Waltz
SL 17 Senior 3 W.T.F.Q NL 18 Under 35's Beginners W.Q
NL 19 Over 35's Beginners W.Q      
Adult Phase 3 - From 2.30pm
NL 20 Under 35's Intermediate W.T.F.Q NL 21 Over 35's Intermediate W.T.F.Q
NL 22 Under 35's Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q NL 23 Over 35's Pre-Champ W.T.F.Q
  24 Over 35's Foxtrot NL 25 Senior 2 W.T.F.Q
  26 Open Quickstep      
Adult Phase 4 - From 3.30pm
NL 27 Under 35's Novice W.Q NL 28 Over 35's Novice W.Q
  29 Over 35's Tango   30 Open Vienesse Waltz
NL 31 Senior 1 W.T.F.Q (VW) NL 32 Open Amateur W.T.F.Q (VW)

The entrance fee is only £13.00 for Juveniles/Juniors. Adult competitors £16.50 and all spectators, £10.00.

To save time when at the comp, why not download the entry forms below:

junior/juvenille entry form

adult entry form

junior/juvenille entry form